In the future, artificial intelligence will play a big role in the court system and how sentencing is done. But how do we ensure that the AI isn’t biased towards a certain group of people?


Last week, we talked about the problematic nature of the United States court system. With a system that promotes mass incarceration rates, instates Draconian drug laws, and hyper criminalizes the average person, most people agree with the sentiment that our court system is dysfunctional. We then discussed how lawmakers have turned to artificial intelligence in order to fix these discrepancies in this dysfunctional justice system. But, we also talked about how these artificial intelligence tools could be exacerbating racial bias on a further level.

Studies found that an algorithm used by Kentucky to predict the ‘risk level’ of defendants was…

AI could have a massive impact on the future of the U.S. justice system.


If there’s anything that has come to light about our criminal justice system in the United States, it's that our justice system is incredibly flawed and dysfunctional. With racial disparities, mass incarceration rates, Draconian drug laws, hyper criminalization of the average person, it becomes increasingly harder every day to support this broken system in the United States.

Many lawmakers and judicial heads have begun to take notice of these evident flaws in our justice system. However, instead of dismantling the flaws and reinstating more equitable and fair laws, lawmakers have opened the floodgates of artificial intelligence on these issues.


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The crash of 2020

One year ago, the stock market witnessed one of the most staggering crashes in history. Although sell-off had begun in February, the 2020 stock market crash officially began on March 9th. On March 9th, the Dow fell 2,013.76 points, equal to a 7.79% dip in one day. The weeks following that day did not relieve the tension in the stock market. In fact, it only exacerbated the sell-off pressure in the market. In only four trading days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plunged over 6,400 points, an astonishing 26% drop. …

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